About Us

About Us

The team at ABS is dynamic, techno – Savvy and highly motivated towards standard and quality education.
ABS represents two institutions.
1) AIMS Business School Vizag &
2) AMAZE Business School, Hyderabad.
The main promoters have a rich experience in running the top B Schools of our country and are quite capable of shaping the careers of the aspiring students. The faculties are handpicked to be experts, in their fields whether it is marketing or finance or HRM. Their vast experience and professional approach makes a definite impact in the class room.

The Indian Student

A typical Indian student undergoes a tough test of education from his tenth class till graduation only to fi nd himself falling short of corporate expectations, lack of proper guidance, parental pressures and many other factors which almost kill his passion for a good career and he settles for some ordinary career.
Let us take a quick look at pattern of Education post Tenth Class.
1) Tenth class almost 10 lakh appeared from both Telugu States and about 6 lakh pass out.
2) At Intermediate stage out of these 6 lakhs 2 lakhs opt for Engineering 2 Lakhs for medical
3) After Intermediate from the 2 lakh opting for Engineering only 1 lakh get Engineering seats other 1 lakh more to graduation.
4) From the 2 lakh opting for medical only 10,000 make it remaining 1.0 lakhs more towards graduation.
5) From the 2 lakh of commerce all of them more towards
graduation making a total pool of about 4.5 lakh plus stu- dents for graduation Moving drop out and fi nally about 1.5
to 2 2 Lakh students pass graduation.
These students have options of Jobs, Overseas Education, busi- ness and Post Graduate studies.
Management educations comes in here as the best bet for their careers as whatever they have aspired to become in life, this management education helps them to achieve OPTING FOR MANAGEMENT EDUCATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION

Death of MBA:

MBA once a qualifi cati on every graduate used to dream about is on the verge of dying because:

  • Govt of policies of fee reimbursement
  • Lack of standard college
  • Dearth of Capable faculty
  • No practi cal grooming
  • Learning through guides
  • Passing the exam but sti ll jobless

PGDM is a better option:

Keeping all the factors in Mind PGDM Program holds lots of promise for students

  • It is more practi cal
  • It is job oriented
  • Case study based
  • It sharpens Managerial skills
  • Overall development is the result
  • Secure career with a Good Job the end goal of PGDM

Partial list of our Recruiters: